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A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Filter


The A+2000 Filter is the only washable filter for life! The A+2000 filter has a lifetime warranty. For the original purchaser. If you move take this filter with you and have it resized to fit your new home or your new air conditioning system for a minimal charge. Constructed of space age, non-corrosive materials. Patented 4-stage loading/peak and valley webbing. Doesn't contain any foam to clog and deteriorate. Washes clean easily and effectively.  Never deal with the hassle of buying filters or throwing them away. All Sizes Available at no extra charge. When ordering be certain of your size filter. You may need to subtract from it's size to make sure it fits. Custom made filters are not refundable, be sure of your size. If you have any questions or don't see your size feel free to to call or e-mail.