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Lysol Air Filters

momsonfilter.jpgLysol Triple Protection Air Filters are the first  ever to be certified by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America. Built for the allergy and asthma sufferer in mind. This outstanding filter is designed to trap pollutants and allergens, neutralize household odors and features an antimicrobial media to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Available in quantities of 2,4,and 6.

Tested with actual allergens: cat and dog dander, dust mite allergens and timothy sawgrass - Lysol® Air Filters are proven to be highly efficient at trapping most common airborne allergens known to trigger allergic reactions. These filters trap at least 95% pollen, 92% dust mite allergen and 85% pet dander.

Anti-microbial built in to protect the filter - Filters often become food sources for mold, mildew, etc. in moist environments. Lysol® Air Filters contain poly medias built with non-woven fibers that inhibit the growth of certain harmful bacteria. To go a step further, we have added an anti-microbial to give you additional protection against bacterial growth on the filter such as staph (staphylococcus aureus), mold (aspergillus brasiliensis), and E.coli (Escherichia coli).

Natural, non-toxic anti-microbial - Unlike other air filters that use chemical antimicrobials made with pesticides, our natural treatment is human safe and will remain effective even after the filter is taken out of service.

Infused with activated carbon - Lysol® Air Filters are infused with activated carbon to catch molecular structure pollutants like: formaldehyde, pet odors, cooking odors, vehicle fumes, etc.

Unscented - Lysol® Air Filters do not contain scents that can cause asthma and allergy sufferers problems and trigger reactions/symptoms.